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Krech Ojard has substantial and growing experience in the grain and agribusiness industries. Assessments and design for storage silos, foundations, facilities, material handling, electrical, marine, rail services and more from Krech Ojard are perfect fit projects for Krech Ojard's capable engineering teams.

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Agribusiness Overview

Krech Ojard has substantial and growing experience in the grain and agribusiness industries, fertilizer storage, transshipment and more. From the assessment of existing facilities, initial planning and design or construction administration for a range of project types including intakes and distribution towers, silos, conveyance, loadout and storage facilities, catwalks, and more. Krech Ojard is proud to be working with Grain and Agribusiness Clients involved in feeding nations.


Grain and other Agribusiness product industries are a great match for Krech Ojard's engineering service offerings. From riverside elevator facilities with barge loadouts, overland conveyance, transshipment docks, to land based loadouts for truck and train, storage silos and warehouses, conveyance, dust handling and more; Krech Ojard's experience across many industries with similar needs can lead to value solutions.

Krech Ojard’s varied structural engineering and design experience also allows for the opportunity to provide a customized design with a focus on construction costs and most importantly, safety and future sustainability of the Client's plans.

Services Provided Structural Inspection Structural Analysis Structural Design Marine Mechanical Civil Rail

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