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Krech Ojard is continually working to expand our service areas and experience. Our varied project experience set creates opportunities in specialty markets which are developing needs for more advanced engineering or requirements. These situations are made for Krech Ojard professionals and often tap our structural, marine and mechanical engineering experience for cost effective yet unique solutions.


Krech Ojard is continually working to expand our service areas and experience. Our varied project experience set creates opportunities in other emerging markets and also into unique established markets that have developing needs for more advanced engineering services or advanced time requirements for completion of work. These situations are made for Krech Ojard professionals.

If you have not found examples of your field of interest on our site please contact us. We would be happy to discuss how we may assist you with your Engineering ▪ Consulting needs.


Krech Ojard has substantial and growing experience in the grain and agribusiness industries, fertilizer storage, transshipment and more. From the assessment of existing facilities, initial planning and design or construction administration for a range of project types including intakes and distribution towers, silos, conveyance, loadout and storage facilities, catwalks, and more. Krech Ojard is proud to be working with Grain and Agribusiness Clients involved in feeding nations.


Krech Ojard works with zoological parks, gardens, menageries, or zoos, on animal enclosures and environments. These unique containment systems need to echo nature and therefore demand unique structural building elements and materials. Water features are often included in these structures, as well high tensile suspension wire systems. Our varied structural engineering and space design experience is applicable to the construction and life cycle of such structures, as well as benefiting the enclosed animals by making it possible for these environments to be more natural.


Structural engineers work with the telecommunications industry and consult for the design of structural connections for many of the cellular voice and data towers being installed on tall structures in recent years. These add-on towers and connections take the brunt force of weather and are typically required to maintain minimal footprints on, and interferences to, the existing structures to which they are attached.


See our Marine Services page for information about some of our work in underwater environments. This is a major field of interest for Krech Ojard engineers, utilizing underwater divers and diver-engineers, structural specialists, and a host of state of the art tools such as sector scan sonar, gps, ROV units, and more to perform forensic level investigations of existing underwater structures and environments that yeild useful information for our clients. From underwater surveys and assesments, to design and rehabilitaion, and even underwater object locationing, Krech Ojard Marine Engineeers have it covered. We call it engineering from the bottom up.


Krech Ojard's mechanical and structural engineers are expecially adept at working with large scale transshipment and mining machines and equipment. Whether it's gantry cranes or conveyor shiploaders at a port, or earth diggers and large scale earth and material movers at a mine, Krech Ojard's engineers are up to the task.

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Sectors Include: Zoo Enclosures Telecommunications Large Scale Equipment Underwater Zoological
Services Provided Include: Structural Engineering Civil Engineering Marine Engineering Mechanical Engineering EPCM
Specialty Services Include: Client Representation Condition Assessments High Tensil Structures Forensic Consulting Environmental Assessments Forensic Consulting
Example Clients
A thru Z Consulting
CLR Design -Philadelphia
Terra Consulting
Zoological Parks
Washington Group/Alberici
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