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    Mechanical Engineer (EIT)

    Job Description

    Mechanical Engineer EIT

    Under general direction of the Mechanical Engineering Manager or other assigned group manager, mechanical engineers at our firm are responsible for the oversight and execution of office and field engineering projects which can include major design and construction projects from clients based in Minnesota and around the globe. This position is available in our Duluth, MN office.

    Essential Functions of the Job

    The prospective employee will be responsible for the preparation of detailed plans and specifications related to a wide variety of mechanical engineering projects. The following list highlights the primary job functions associated with the mechanical engineering discipline at our firm but should not be considered an all-inclusive job description.

    • Preparation of proposals, specifications, cost estimates, and contract documents for engineering projects.
    • Execution or oversight of engineering construction inspections of mechanical engineering projects.
    • Execution or oversight of the testing and inspection of mechanical components and materials.
    • Preparation of detailed engineering reports regarding the progress and completion of engineering projects.
    • Execution or oversight of required field surveys prior to the project design phase.
    • Analysis of data, preparation of reports, and delivery of presentations about proposed and ongoing projects to Krech Ojard staff and clients.

    Desired Capabilities

    • Knowledge and ability to implement complex mechanical engineering principles and practices applied to project design and construction.
    • Extensive knowledge and practical application of the basic principles and practices of engineering field and office work, including drafting and surveying.
    • Detailed knowledge of principles, methods, equipment and materials used in construction of mechanical engineering projects.
    • Experience planning and directing the work of engineering technicians and other staff.
    • Experience making difficult engineering computations, estimates and designs.
    • Experience preparing and interpreting plans and specifications.
    • Ability to perform or supervise engineering inspections associated with project construction.
    • Experience taking precise field measurements, making and interpreting the resulting calculations.
    • Ability to effectively communicate and interact with other employees, supervisors, individuals from other organizations, and clients.
    • Experience with varied types of mechanical systems commonly found in the pulp/paper industry, mining, PRB coal storage/trans load facilities, bulk material handling systems/facilities or related industrial facilities.


    • Education: BS in Mechanical Engineering, or equivalent related degree. (Classification as Engineer-in-Training or ability to acquire same is preferred.)
    • Experience: Post-graduate experience in an engineering environment is preferred but not required. Undergraduate experience in construction or engineering-related activity preferred.
    • Job Requirements: Must have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. To ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our employees, we enforce a drug and alcohol policy that adheres to DOT regulations.

    Please submit cover letter along with resume by using the online form on this page, or at the Careers page at www.krechojard.com, or by mail to:

    Krech Ojard & Associates, Inc.,
    Human Resources Manager
    227 W First Street, Suite 500
    Duluth, MN 55802.

    To ensure a safe, healthy and productive work environment for our employees, we enforce a drug and alcohol policy that adheres to DOT regulations.

    Krech Ojard & Associates, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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