3D Scanning for Agribusiness Facilities

Krech Ojard & Associates offers 3d laser scanning services for Agribusiness…

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Krech Ojard performs 3D Scanning services for Agribusiness for a range of added values and on almost any structure or space. Once scanned, planning and design for a client’s facility, building or plant becomes more accurate and more cost-effective. Offsite engineers, project managers, and other professionals are able to reference up-to-date data and measurements. For large Agribusiness facilities with tall elevators, silos, storage and conveyance this service brings measurable data to the fingertips of professionals ready to assess and design for Agribusiness Clients.

3d Scanning for Agribusiness is an invaluable service resource offering benefits that can include, but are not limited to, more accurate records of existing structures; time and cost savings during numerous stages of project design and development, and also in future phases; as well as better visualization and communication between clients, stakeholders, designers, and construction; aid in determining crucial spatial tolerances and measurements for engineers in the office and at the ready when it is needed.

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Krech Ojard currently employs this technology and other tools to transform Agribusiness facilities and others into 3D actionable data. Contact us today for more information and a demonstration of this service. View more about 3d scanning at other industries Here.

Services Provided Include: 3D Scanning of Existing Structures & Equipment 3D Modeling for Current or Future Planning

What can be scanned? Any 3-dimensional space Industrial facilities Transshipment and Marine facilities Manufacturing facilities Interiors/Exteriors Equipment Site environments
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