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3D Scanning

Krech Ojard & Associates offers 3d laser scanning services…

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Krech Ojard performs 3D Scanning services for a range of added values and on almost any structure or space. Once scanned, planning and design for a clients facility, building or plant becomes more accurate and more cost effective. Offsite engineers, project managers and other professionals are able to reference up to date data and measurements.

This invaluable resource offers benefits that can include, but are not limited to, more accurate records of existing structures; time and cost savings during numerous stages of project design and development, and also in future phases; better visualization and communication between clients, stakeholders, designers, and construction; aid in determining crucial spatial tolerances and measurements for engineers in the office and at the ready when it is needed.

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Three Dimensional scanning starts by performing a 360 degree laser scan of a location and creating what is called a point cloud of data along with panoramic imagery to create accurate 3D models of everything visible from that point. These are data points in 3D space that hold spatial location data and more. Millions of data points create a cloud of dots and these reference dots make up every surface of structure, machinery, ground and even trees the scanner sees from that location. The panoramic images collected are overlaid upon the point cloud, and almost every spot of a photo has a corresponding data point. Through software viewers, this allows for the viewing of space in photographic terms while also having access to measurements between any two points in 3D space within the photo views.

The usefulness and indispensable key of 3D scanning takes a leap forward when multiple 360 degree scans are tied together over large areas of coverage. Since data points all hold their actual location, each scan is spatially located to the other and the scans are combined to create one large point cloud model of 3D space that can cover above and below structures, outside and inside structures, around corners, through doorways and more.

At this stage your facility’s existing measurements can be at the fingertips of designers, engineers, and other disciplines. The final digital model allows coordination between disciplines in areas where traditional field measurements were not possible or reliable. This 3D digital design environment is used to fit new structures and upgrades within current environments with much greater precision. Even small tree branches reaching through truss systems are identified and evaluated by designers. The use of 3D scanning greatly reduces field verification time, the need for field fabrication, and the number of field modifications.

Krech Ojard currently employs this technology and other tools to transform your facility or space into 3D. Contact us today for more information and a demonstration of this service.

Services Provided Include: 3D Scanning of Existing Structures & Equipment 3D Modeling for Current or Future Planning

What can be scanned? Any 3-dimensional space Industrial facilities Transshipment and Marine facilities Manufacturing facilities Interiors/Exteriors Residential/Commercial buildings Equipment Site environments
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