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Calumet Electical Upgrades

Calumet Electical Upgrades

Krech Ojard was initially contacted by Murphy Oil USA, now Calumet Superior LLC, to assist them with developing a plan to expand the shipping of their High Sulfur Diesel product by rail in large tank cars at their facility in Superior, Wisconsin. Ultimately the project evolved to encompass 7600′ of new track and a spill catchment and underground containment system at the loading facility.

Along with the spur upgrades, Krech Ojard electrical engineers provided new site lighting and electrical review and upgrades. Read more details about the project in the tab below.

Read more details in the Description Tab below.


Krech Ojard’s Electrical Group provided Calumet electical upgrades and site lighting for their expanded rail oil loading facility in Superior, Wisconsin. KOA designed high mast lighting to decrease pole base quantity and footprint versus conventional using only three pole assemblies.

Multiple lighting heads mounted on each 100 foot pole were designed to meet site conditions. Using internally mounted hoisting apparatus, these heads are lowered to grade level for ease of maintenance. This immensely reduces risks related to working at heights and avoids the cost of crane rental. The height of the mast was also an advantage for mounting new customer provided cameras that were placed into integral vendor provided nacelles on the luminaire mounting ring. This provides greater field of view for the security cameras.

High pressure sodium lamps were specified for long lamp life and better performance in cold weather operation. Photocells were used for automated lighting control. Circuits were fed from the existing service in 480V configurations for power delivery in an efficient manner over relatively long distances.

Also provided with the Calumet electrical upgrades, services included existing miscellaneous site devices that were back-fed and reconnected for a completed system. Pole bases were designed by the KOA Structural Group.

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