Guinea Bissau Shipping Study

Guinea Bissau Shipping Study

Engineering with Baird in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau…

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Krech Ojard has been working with Baird providing engineering services for the Guinea Bissau, Farim Phosphate Shipping/Shiploading Study.

The work has involved undertaking concept design engineering activities and preparing a layout for a dewatered phosphate storage facility.

A confidential client is developing a mine in West Africa with a minimum throughput of one million tonnes. Baird and Krech Ojard carried out marine studies and designs associated with the project. The purpose of this work is to develop a feasible method for exporting the product to world markets and estimating the likely construction costs. Baird analyzed coastal and river conditions (waves, currents, water levels), reviewed shipping methods, estimated throughput volumes and prepared cost estimates. Krech Ojard provided technical expertise related to onshore aspects of the project. These included onshore works site layout, material handling system design, utilities layout, material testing, covered stockpile design and shiploader development and recommendations KO’s experience with bulk handling of the raw material, given the difficult material handling characteristics, was relied upon to develop a system capable of meeting the project constraints.

Specific activities include:

  • Review of existing general arrangement work prepared by GBM
  • Develop stockpile configuration, including cover concepts
  • Review stockpile creation methods
  • Review reclaim methods
  • Create concept-level drawings of stockpile facility
  • Create bill of quantities for stockpile facility
  • Develop report of recommendations for stockpile facility

Services Provided Structural Engineering Mechanical Engineering Marine Engineering
Baird and GBM Minerals Engineering Consultants
Republic of Guinea-Bissau, Africa
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