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Lowell Elementary Renovation

Lowell Elementary Renovation

Krech Ojard & Associates was hired by the Duluth Public Schools to renovate and perform maintenance repairs to the Lowell Elementary School.

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Krech Ojard & Associates was hired by the Duluth Public Schools to renovate and perform maintenance repairs to the Lowell Elementary School. The Lowell Elementary School is a community elementary school providing 21st Century classrooms and facilities, experienced teaching staff and excellent educational programs located in Duluth, Minnesota.

Krech Ojard was involved with architecture, civil and structural aspects of the Lowell Elementary renovation.

The work at Lowell was strictly a renovation project. There was no new addition or new construction that is associated with the work. The intent of the work at Lowell Elementary included:

  • Upgrade the HVAC Systems
  • Better energy efficiency
  • Better indoor environmental quality
  • Upgrade electrical System
  • Better energy efficient
  • Provide better security
  • Technology Upgrades
  • Additional security cameras
  • Classroom voice amplification systems
  • Smart Boards for all of the classrooms.

The Krech Ojard portion of the work began with the exterior upgrades. The existing parking lots were repaired and resurfaced. Some of the gravel drives were paved to reduce erosion. The sidewalks and curbs were repaired as well. The KOA Civil Group designed site drainage solutions to reduce erosion.

Other exterior renovations included:

  • Re-roofing the entire building
  • Repair the masonry around the exterior
  • Demo existing chimney
  • New playground that provides handicap accessibility.

On the interior of the building, almost every square foot of Lowell Elementary was touched, with the Barnes wing having the most work done to it.

  • New acoustical ceilings at the Lowell Elementary classroom
  • The rooms with the most need received new carpeting
  • Vertical grab bars were added to the existing ADA restroom stalls
  • Rusted hollow metal doors and frames were replaced with aluminum doors and frames

In the Barnes wing:

  • New acoustical tile ceilings and soffits
  • New curtain wall system replaced the original curtain wall that was constructed with the original building.
  • Because of the low ceilings, the mechanical system is now a displacement ventilation system.
  • New book cases
  • There are a number of areas where asbestos was found, such as mastic in the flooring. These areas were abated and replaced with new flooring.
  • The original boys and girls restrooms did meet code and were gutted and replaced with new toilet fixtures, sinks and stalls.

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Lowell Elementary - Duluth Schools
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