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Midway Townhall

Midway Townhall Design & Planning

Krech Ojard was hired by the Midway Township for architecture, structural and civil services for a new town hall in Duluth, Minnesota.

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Krech Ojard was hired  for architecture, structural and civil services for the Midway Townhall located near Duluth, Minnesota.

Nestled among majestic pine trees, the Midway Townhall is a 4,600 square foot building that is utilized for large community meetings and for small meetings in the conference room. In addition to the community rooms, a large kitchen and office space is included in the town hall.

Krech Ojard architects believe in the importance of design for community development, neighborhood planning, city planning, community centers, like the Midway Townhall These facilities for a city can raise or lower a standard of living for a community and design can help make these facilities and spaces an asset to a community and those that work, play, and live with them.

Services Provided Architecture Structural Engineering Civil Engineering
Midway Township
Duluth, Minnesota
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