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Sea Eagle Aviary – Louisville Zoo

Krech Ojard & Associates provided structural assessments and design for the Louisville Zoo’s – Sea Eagle Aviary exhibit.

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Krech Ojard & Associates (KOA) was initially brought on to the Louisville Sea Eagle Aviary project by Sean Stoddard of A thru Z Consulting and Distributing, Inc. to provide general structural consulting concerning the provided aviary enclosure design. During this preliminary work it was determined that the current design would not meet the desired design parameters and codes.

KOA was then contracted by the project general contractor, Sullivan and Cozart, to provide a design that would meet all local codes and desired requirements. Starting with the early architectural design, KOA performed a structural analysis and design of the enclosures.

Coordination was key during the design process. General enclosure requirements and alternate attachment/support points on the holding and viewing buildings was coordinated with the local architect and engineers. KOA also coordinated existing field conditions and potential construction issues with the general contractor.

Most importantly, KOA coordinated with the zoo on space, height, and clearance restrictions around the nest area of the habitat to maintain a safe environment for the seas eagles to occupy. The final enclosure design included guyed steel columns for the sea eagle residence.

Our understanding of caging systems, and experience working with specialty fabricators allowed us to complete a fast-track design that met the needs of the zoo, architect, and contractor while minimizing impact to the schedule.

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The Sea Eagle Aviary represents the final phase of the Zoo’s award-winning Glacier Run exhibit. This aviary stands over 50 feet tall with it’s mesh enclosure and will accommodate sea-eagles that can have wingspans up to eight feet. The enclosure also features a waterfall and river and the environment is meant to mimic the eagle’s native Eastern Russia evergreen forests. Red-breasted geese, maggpie, and mandarin ducks will also share the space as natural neighbors of the eagle’s original environments.

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