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Krech Ojard & Associates provides automation, controls, and instrumentation solutions to a wide range of clients requiring process knowledge for the development and delivery of their projects.


Krech Ojard & Associates provides automation, controls, instrumentation and programming solutions to clients requiring process knowledge for the development and delivery of their projects. Our engineers and designers utilize industry experience to evaluate the client's needs and deliver instrumentation and controls solutions that are practical and aligned with their goals.

With a diverse background in manufacturing and material handling, we frequently provide solutions for projects that require knowledge of material processing methods, fluid transport systems, transload facilities, crushing and grinding systems, particulate control systems, and environmental control equipment. We are capable and experienced developing designs for existing equipment, adapting new installations to existing processes, and implementing the instrumentation and control system for an entire manufacturing facility..

Our technical staff has a successful track record providing instrumentation solutions requiring the measurement and control of gas and liquid flow, pressure, and temperature. Combined with our experienced developing systems that utilize vibration, particulate, and other specialty devices associated with condition and emissions monitoring systems, our team can provide instrumentation and control designs for a wide range of process environments. From the design of the individual motor control circuit or instrument loop to the development and implementation of the PLC and HMI programs, KrechOjard has the right staff and expertise for any project.

In addition to the design and engineering aspect of each project, Krech Ojard Engineers are frequently involved in the specification instrumentation and control equipment, construction administration, and installation of complete control systems for clients internationally. Our ability to develop a design solution and implement it through the construction and commissioning process provides and additional level of control and responsibility to our clients. The result is the highest level of project success, customer satisfaction, and service after project completion.

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