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Krech Ojard's Marine Engineering Group provides services nationwide and internationally for the assessment, design and rehabilitation of marine facilities and waterfront infrastructure, including underwater services. The marine group is supported by Structural and Civil engineers with experience in fresh and saltwater environments.


Krech Ojard's Marine Group provides services for the design and rehabilitation of marine port facilities and waterfront infrastructure both above and below water.

The Marine Group specializes in marine and port industry assessment, construction QA/QC, design, and more. The Marine Group’s experienced staff uses state-of-the art tools and technology to identify solutions-based approaches to owners and operators across a variety of market sectors. Expertise includes bulkhead walls, efficiency studies, relieving platforms, mooring upgrades, condition assessment, adaptive reuse and permitting support.

Combining the unique marine skills, tools, and experience of Krech Ojard's Marine Group together with engineering fields such as Krech Ojard's mechanical, electrical, structural, civil, and rail engineers creates an advanced team of professionals capable of assessing, designing, rehabilitating, or expanding port facilities. Krech Ojard positions itself to provide the services typical of larger firms, while retaining the individual, client-oriented focus typical of much smaller firms.

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Sectors Include: Transload Facilities Energy Production Bridges Dams Waterfront Infrastructure Shiploading facilities Ship Berthing Ports & Waterways Dock & Pier Rehabilitation
Assessments Condition Assessments Non-destructive Testing Coring and Failure Analysis Sediment/Rock Sampling "As built" Investigations Forensic Investigations
Site Evaluations Overall Site Review Hydrological Analysis Navigational &
Transportation Studies

Preliminary Engineering Topographical & Hydrographic Surveying Regulatory Permitting Geotechnical Study Conceptual Design Budget Estimating Feasibility Studies
Detail Engineering Ship/Barge Dock Design Dock Upgrading Bulkhead/Retaining Walls Slope Stability Analysis Dredge Plan Preparation Loading/Unloading Systems Systems Control Conveyor Systems Shore Protection Ship/Barge Mooring
Industrial to Recreational Land Conversion
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